Sharks Tongue

 They have a wholly evolved spinal segment with a spinal string with an encompassing, supporting spine. The shark vertebra is comprised of a ligament segment.

 It was subsequently qualifying them as Vertebrae. If Sharks have no bones/spine, for what reason would they say they are named Vertebrates? Lorri Robinson says The contrast between sharks and hard fish is that sharks' skeletons are made of a ligament. And everyone wants know about how many bones does a Shark have? and Sharks have a spinal segment, "bones" of a sort, and are for sure vertebrates. There is no prerequisite for skeletons to be made of bony issue that remains to be worked out as a vertebrate. The meaning of a vertebrate is the ownership of a spinal section, regardless of what it's made of. Contrasts Between Cartilage and Bone: The vast majority don't think about the distinction between ligament and bone. This is enough for more here's technoamtic will tell you more about Sharks.


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